Thanks for all the support on FIRSTROUND. I greatly appreciate all of your emails and kind words. Those of you that have the original copies hang onto themÖ..that will be your ticket to join me when I win my OSCAR! Wishful thinking - I know.

Iíve been putting together a list of my current projects. They will all have dedicated links once there in Production.

Thanks again - Corey Sosner


Weapon of Choice (Revenge Thriller)
Solomon, a genius and artist with a mind that can figure out almost anything, heís used his brilliance to get revenge on the five men that raped and killed his wife. But when Solomon meets Heather, their emerging relationship and Heatherís desire to save him from being consumed with revenge threaten to ruin his plans. Solomon must choose between Heatherís love or revenge for his late wife.


Squad Room (working title)
Paul Rossi, a retired veteran of NYPDís Intelligence Division's Terrorist Interdiction Unit writes about his days when he was assigned to the elite Manhattan District Attorney's Office Organized Crime Unit. Working on the Gambino Crime Family (John Gotti) from 1988 thru 1994 this dark , very dark comedy spins tales from the young Detective's point of view. It was the end of an era; when men were men and cops were king.

Bubba the redneck Werewolf (Horror/Comedy)
Creator of the Comic Mitch Hymans lovable werewolf comes to the big screen in this live action tale. More to come.
  Cannibal Cop (working title)
Need I say more?
  Brunch (working title)
A look into the future
  In the Bag (working title)

Killroom (Horror,Thriller)
Two brothers in New York City offer a revenge-killing service where they setup and breakdown what is referred to as a "Killroom". A "Killroom" is a place where the victim of a crime is given an opportunity & the means to murder the person who wronged them and got away with it due to the inherent loopholes of the US Legal system. With help from their adoptive father who is also the District Attorney, after years of arranging revenge murders and keeping the "Killroom" a secret, the boys reach a breaking point and try to quit but quickly find its harder then anticipated!

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